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February 12, 2022

Motion Picture presents the coming stars — They’ll be your future favorites!

He’s tall, slender, English. But he has been in America so long (eight years) that he talks like an American and wants to be one. Straight from Broadway, where he was always busy, he invaded the movies with a one-picture contract. Now, after “Cavalcade,” he’s due to make a long stay!

John Warburton — Free-Lance

He has blue eyes, heavily fringed, and he looks boyish, but tired and sensitive. Inquiry reveals that he was in the War (in the aviation corps) and was invalided out in 1917. His English accent has almost worn off in the eight years in which he has lived in the United States, and he has none of that aggressive superiority of Englishmen in the cartoons. He will settle down in Hollywood, the movies permitting, he says, and will become an American citizen. “I infinitely prefer your country to England,” he says, without showing signs of apology.

For years he played on Broadway. Then a telegram took him post-haste from Alice Brady’s arms, you might say. He left the play in which he was appearing with her, after the Saturday-night performance, and by Monday was working in “The Silver Lining” in Hollywood. Except for a bad siege of double pneumonia, he has been steadily at work ever since. At the moment three studios are discussing contracts with him. He is seen much with Estelle Taylor, but they’re not engaged, he says regretfully, yet with still a ray of hope.

We Believe in Him

  • Because he says he won’t quarrel about parts, but will do anything that is given him.
  • Because he is in demand by every director for whom he has worked.
  • Because he made a New York hit in “Journey’s End,” and is creating a big screen impression in “Cavalcade.”
  • Because he has a beautiful enunciation (the Oxford influence) and clean-cut features. Because he has adult experience and a boyish face.
  • Because he is amazingly honest and sincere.
  • Because John Galsworthy approved him for the screen version of “The Apple Tree.”

Series Number 11

Miriam Jordan and John Warburton join distinguished company in becoming the eleventh set of newcomers Nominated for Stardom by Motion Magazine. Glance over the list of our previous Nominees:

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Katharine Hepburn
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Preston Foster
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Without exception, all of these new players have shown, from the very first the kind of talent that brings fame and fortune to unknowns. In nearly every case we were the first to pay them tribute. And since we nominated them for stardom all of them have won big rôles in big pictures.

Watch for their names in casts of pictures. And check up on our prophecy of stardom for Miriam Jordan by seeing her opposite Warner Baxter in “Dangerously Yours” and for John Warburton by watching him in the rôle of Edward Marryot in “Cavalcade.”— Editor.

Source: Motion Picture Magazine, March 1933