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February 12, 2022

Motion Picture presents the coming stars — They’ll be your future favorites!

She got her start in theatrical life by the familiar route of a beauty contest. (This one was in England.) And when her chance come, Miriam proved that she had that even more important asset — talent. In three pictures, she has played opposite Warner Baxter twice. And that’s an achievement!

Miriam Jordan — Fox

When, at sixteen, she was told by a man whom she had just met that she was “the ideal type of English beauty,” she thought he was “fresh.” Perhaps that was the result of being educated at Skinner’s School for Young Ladies. But the man persuaded her parents to enter her photograph in a beauty competition, and her beauty won her the right to sit in a glass cage at Wembley Exposition for twelve hours every day, while thousands of British from all over the Empire paid a shilling to look at her. And it was well worth it. Miriam is a blonde with sea-blue eyes shaded  with long eyelashes, and a pink-and-white complexion that needs little make-up. Charles Dillingham, stage producer, paid her $100 a week just to walk down a flight of steps in “Three Cheers” in a gorgeous evening gown. From such parts she progressed to drama, and was playing the small rôle of the sister in “Cynara” in a road company in Los Angeles last August when a Fox executive spotted her and signed her to a contract. Since then she has played leading lady to Warner BaxterJohn Boles and Clive Brook.

We Believe in Her

  • Because she has managed to live down the appellation of “beauty contest winner.” Because she is an individualist.
  • Because she went into important roles at once at Fox.
  • Because she is already playing leading lady to Warner Baxter for the second time in “Dangerously Yours.”
  • Because all the women employees at the studio are singing her praises.
  • Because she is living quietly and not seeking publicity, or romance rumors.
  • Because she has six sisters, and a girl with six sisters simply has to succeed!

Series Number 11

Miriam Jordan and John Warburton join distinguished company in becoming the eleventh set of newcomers Nominated for Stardom by Motion Magazine. Glance over the list of our previous Nominees:

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Without exception, all of these new players have shown, from the very first the kind of talent that brings fame and fortune to unknowns. In nearly every case we were the first to pay them tribute. And since we nominated them for stardom all of them have won big rôles in big pictures.

Watch for their names in casts of pictures. And check up on our prophecy of stardom for Miriam Jordan by seeing her opposite Warner Baxter in “Dangerously Yours” and for John Warburton by watching him in the rôle of Edward Marryot in “Cavalcade.”— Editor.

Source: Motion Picture Magazine, March 1933