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February 12, 2022

Motion Picture presents the coming stars — They’ll be your future favorites! 

He’s the newest he-man to have the girls excited. They’re all jealous of Joan Crawford — he was her lover in “Rain.”

William Gargan — RKO-Radio

The first movie he played in was “The Misleading Lady,” in which he was more or less submerged; the second was “Rain,” in which he played Joan Crawford’s lover — and that is making the whole world Gargan-conscious. Hollywood, in fact, is expecting this handsome chap — whose scar as the marine lover in “Rain” is only make-up — to be the next great lover.

The date given for his birth on the studio biography makes him twenty-seven, and there is no reason for doubting his age, although his first stage rôle was that of a sixty-five-year-old beachcomber, which he played for sixty-nine weeks on Broadway. Before that he was a salesman, a collector and a payroll guard. He used to wonder if the elocution medal he had won at St. Francis Xavier didn’t mean something. Evidently it did. He has been an actor seven years.

He is six feet tall, broad-shouldered, blond. Unfortunately for Hollywood ladies, Mary Kenny saw him several years ago and married him. They have a three-year-old son, Barrie.

We Believe in Him

  • Because his directors say that he is technically skillful and doesn’t need to be told how to act.
  • Because blond heroes are scarce on the screen.
  • Because he made a big hit on Broadway in “The Animal Kingdom,” even though Leslie Howard was the star. (Both are in the movie.)
  • Because five women stars have already asked for him as a leading man.
  • Because, although he has lived in Hollywood several months, he lives so quietly that Hollywood hasn’t met him yet.
  • Because any newcomer who could stand out in a picture starring Joan Crawford must be good.

Series Number 7

Aline MacMahon and William Gargan are the seventh set of newcomers that Motion Picture has Nominated for Stardom. All twelve of their predecessors, who were hailed by this magazine before any other, are doing big things to-day.

Gwili Andre, the Danish beauty, is marching on toward stardom in “Mysteries of the French Secret Police.” Tala Birell is about to be co-starred with Paul Lukas in “Nagana.”

George Brent is now co-starring with Ruth Chatterton in “The Divorce Racket.” Bruce Cabot is the hero of the sensational KongAnn Dvorak has just made two more hits in “Crooner” and “Three on a Match.” Dick Powell is stepping upward in the new Will Rogers picture, “Jubilo.”

George Raft veers toward hero rôles and stardom in “Night After Night.” Eddie Cantor, predicts stardom for Lyda Roberti after The Kid from Spain.

Randolph Scott has just finished “Heritage of the Desert,” which makes him the newest outdoor hero. Gloria Stuart is the heroine of the big football picture, “All-America.”

Dorothy Wilson has scored a tremendous hit in her first picture, “The Age of Consent.” Robert Young is drawing the romantic attention in The Kid from Spain.

Source: Motion Picture Magazine, November 1932