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February 12, 2022

Motion Picture presents the coming stars — They’ll be your future favorites!

Gloria gave up social position to become an actress — and it doesn’t look as if she’ll be sorry. Two studios fought to sign her.

Gloria Stuart — Universal

You have already seen Gloria, even if you didn’t know the name of the clear-featured, definite blonde in “The Jewel Robbery.” So far she hasn’t been important enough to the public for a magazine interview, but we pride ourselves on being the first to say, “Watch her.”

She isn’t an actress because chance brought her under the wandering eye of a casting director, or because her photograph won a beauty contest, or because she knew Somebody With Pull. She is an actress because she has wanted to be one all her life, and studied and trained herself to learn the business even while she was attending the University of California.

Born to wealth and assured social position, Gloria found she had to make a tragic choice between her love for her family and her need for self-expression — a dramatic story, which we shall give you very soon.

In this era of insistence upon long stage training as a preparation for screen acting, her “discovery” is unusual. She was spotted in amateur theatricals — in Pasadena, California.

We Believe in Her

  • Because she has that type of beauty that depends on regularity of feature and fineness of profile, rather than on make-up and hair-dress.
  • Because two great studios, Universal and Paramount, quarreled over signing her.
  • Because Carl Laemmle, who has proved himself an astute picker of players, has great plans for Gloria.
  • Because she has natural talent, knows exactly what she wants, and will not allow trivialities to check her.

If you missed her in “The Jewel Robbery,” watch for her in “The Old Dark House” and “Air Mail.”

Series Number 5

In calling your attention to George Raft and Gloria Stuart, we are presenting our fifth series of Nominees for Stardom.

Previous male newcomers, for whom we have prophesied stardom, are George BrentRandolph ScottBruce Cabot and Robert Young.

The feminine newcomers whose rise to the heights we have predicted are Tala BirellAnn DvorakGwili Andre and Lyda Roberti.

As the leading magazine of the motion picture industry, we are here not only to write of stars already established — but to try to answer that always-intriguing question: “Who will be the next stars?”

These “nominations” are based on our inside knowledge of what is going on at the studios, on our contacts with the newcomers themselves, on our frank talks with their employers, on our previews of their first pictures.

Watch for these “stars-to-be” and write us what you think of them. — Editor.

Source: Motion Picture Magazine, September 1932