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February 10, 2022

Motion Picture presents the coming stars — They’ll be your future favorites!

George Brent was born in Dublin, Ireland, March 15, 1904 — and in his case the rocky, rocky road led away from Dublin, not to it. He has been acting for ten years, working his way up, inch by inch, until now he’s only about a half-inch away from screen stardom. Watch George!

George Brent — Warner Brothers

They call George Brent another Gable. but we don’t know why unless it is because he has been in Hollywood for a long while without getting a real break, and now suddenly he gets two breaks at once!

Imagine an unknown actor cast as leading man to two such stars as Barbara Stanwyck and Ruth Chatterton at one and the same time! George is making love to Barbara in evening clothes one day, and to Ruth in riding clothes the next. And yet, until Warner Brothers “discovered” him, he had had only minor parts in a succession of eight pictures, beginning with The Big Trail.

He is Irish, twenty-seven, six feet one, and weighs one hundred and seventy pounds. He carries himself like a soldier, which is natural enough, since he comes from a family of soldiers.

In his ten years as an actor, he has played more than three hundred rôles, and has owned six stock companies. But he came to Hollywood without ballyhoo or a contract. A test picture won him his contract.

His personality has won everyone who has met him, and his talent as an actor — well, listen to Ruth Chatterton when she says. “I have never had a leading man whose work pleased me more!”

We have seen George, and have felt his magnetism and charm. We have talked to Warner executives and have heard their amazing plans for their new find.

We Believe in Him

  • Because he looks you straight in the eye and doesn’t drop his gaze even when you drop yours.
  • Because he has had education — at the National University in Dublin — and is a finished actor.
  • Because he has been elevated from nothing to the post of leading man to two of the most particular and hard-to-suit stars in the movies — and he is suiting them.

Watch for George in ‘”So Big” and The Rich Are Always With Us. You will see him often in our pages in the future.

As the leading magazine of the motion picture industry, we are here not only to write of stars already established — but to kelp to build the stars of tomorrow. We have been giving you advance information on promising newcomers for twenty-one years. Heretofore, however, this information has been somewhat scattered. With this issue, we are starting a monthly department to answer that always-intriguing question: “Who will be the stars of tomorrow?”

From our inside knowledge of what goes on at the studios, we know what producers honestly think of newcomers, what they are planning for them, and which ones are showing great promise in their first parts. Each month we shall tell you about them, show you pictures of them — invest space in our magazine in them. But we want your help in our “star-making.” We want you to go to see their first pictures, yourself, and write us what you think of our candidates for stardom. — Editor.

Source: Motion Picture Magazine, May 1932