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February 10, 2022

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Leslie Fenton knew what he was doing when he eloped with Ann. For she is the first brunette sensation in years. Since she was 16, she has been teaching stars how to dance. Now 19, she is showing them how to be startling. It’s a mystery why she wasn’t discovered sooner.

When she did get her chance — in Scarface — she stole the picture. You’ll next see her as a blonde in “The Strange Love of Molly Louvain.” Watch Ann rise!

Ann Dvorak — Warner Brothers

Ann Dvorak drew a salary for three years at a big motion picture studio without appearing before a camera. The daughter of Ann Lehr, former screen star, Ann broke into the movies as a dancing teacher at M-G-M — and for more than one thousand days and nights, she could not get a part in a picture, though she was constantly trying.

Then, through Karen Morley, she was tested for the second feminine role in Scarface. She got the part and, by sheer brilliance of work, made it more important than the heroine’s. Next, she did “Sky Devils” and then was borrowed by Warners for “The Crowd Roars.” Now they don’t intend to lose her. She has just finished “Love Is a Racket” and “The Strange Love of Molly Louvain,” and now is in “Competition.”

We Believe in Her

  • Because she is only nineteen, yet stands out from the ranks of insipid screen ingénues.
  • Because she is vivid, rather than pretty, with a distinctive personality and piquant features.
  • Because she won her Big Chance by ability, not by luck or “pull.”
  • Because the verdict of Hollywood is “Watch that Dvorak girl!”
  • Because Warner Brothers have great plans for her. On pages 56 and 57, you will read about her recent surprise marriage to Leslie Fenton.

We shall soon present her unusual life-story.

Photo by: Elmer Fryer (1898–1944)

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Source: Motion Picture MagazineJune 1932