We Nominate for Stardom — George Raft (1932) 🇺🇸

February 12, 2022

Motion Picture presents the coming stars — They’ll be your future favorites!

Sleek-haired George was born in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, but he is the lad who is likely to bring Latin love back to the screen.

George Raft — Paramount

Once in a while prophets should have a break and be allowed to pick an easy one. The public has already chosen George Raft as a favorite, ever since Scarface. Still, George is so new to pictures (although he has been waiting for his screen chance for four or five years) that he makes an acceptable Nominee for Stardom.

For a chap who has lived in Hollywood as long as he has, George is a bit of a mystery. Few knew the boy from Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, until he played the dapper gunman in “Scarface.” The movies are the fourth career he has tried — the first three having been boxing, baseball and dancing.

As a boxer, he was knocked out seven times before he decided he had had enough. As a baseball player, he was a little more successful. But as a dancer he won applause and popularity. Rudolph Valentino, whom he startlingly resembles, was his pal in those days and later interested George in the movies. Like Rudy, he was a long time getting started — but is rising fast.

We Believe in Him

  • Because, for the first time since Valentino’s death, here is an actor who not only resembles the beloved Sheik, but has the same effect on women.
  • Because his death scene in “Scarface” was an unforgettable bit of acting — despite his little amount of stage experience.
  • Because he is suave and subtle — a relief from the burly lovers whose specialties are biceps and blows.
  • Because he has lived interestingly, and is quietly self-confident.

You may soon see him opposite Tallulah Bankhead. In the meantime, watch for him in “Night After Night.”

Series Number 5

In calling your attention to George Raft and Gloria Stuart, we are presenting our fifth series of Nominees for Stardom.

Previous male newcomers, for whom we have prophesied stardom, are George BrentRandolph ScottBruce Cabot and Robert Young.

The feminine newcomers whose rise to the heights we have predicted are Tala BirellAnn DvorakGwili Andre and Lyda Roberti.

As the leading magazine of the motion picture industry, we are here not only to write of stars already established — but to try to answer that always-intriguing question: “Who will be the next stars?”

These “nominations” are based on our inside knowledge of what is going on at the studios, on our contacts with the newcomers themselves, on our frank talks with their employers, on our previews of their first pictures.

Watch for these “stars-to-be” and write us what you think of them. — Editor.

Source: Motion Picture Magazine, September 1932