We Nominate for Stardom — Glenda Farrell (1933) 🇺🇸

February 12, 2022

Motion Picture presents the coming stars — They’ll be your future favorites!

This Oklahoma girl made such a hit in “Life Begins” — as the actress who used a hot-water bottle for a flask and was fated to hove twins — that she can stay in Hollywood as long as she wishes. Her dramatic face is worth a movie fortune

Glenda Farrell — Warners-First National

She is part-Irish, part-German, and wholly Thespian. Which means, in case you don’t know, that she has been acting almost ever since she started breathing. She has played all over the United States, beginning with Little Eva in her native Oklahoma, playing in stock in Los Angeles and road shows in Kansas and Oregon, and making a hit on Broadway, where her performance in “Life Begins” was so outstanding that Warners lured her to Hollywood to play the same rôle in the screen version.

Twenty-nine, blonde, vivacious, Glenda says that she doesn’t need to diet so long as she can work. She seldom goes above one hundred and sixteen pounds.

She has an eight-year-old son, Tommy, in military school and, for Tommy’s sake, hopes that she has given up her lifelong habit of “living in a trunk” and can settle down.

Her clothes come from Paris, and there is more material to them than to the clothes of other actresses with Glenda’s sex-appeal. She doesn’t find it necessary to be daring to register her personality.

We Believe in Her

  • Because her face is the most important part of her and she doesn’t need to show anything more.
  • Because with one picture rôle, in “Life Begins,” and that not a very big one, she registered her personality with the public so that they wrote in, begging for more of her.
  • Because she can play any sort of part from cuddly young sweethearts to hardened ladies of the evening.
  • Because Paul Muni, with whom she played in I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, praised her work — and Paul knows acting.
  • Because she loses her appetite completely while working on a new part.
  • Because of Tommy. 

Series Number 10

Twenty-two years ago this month, Picture Magazine discovered the first screen star. And we are still in the star-discovering business. Glenda Farrell and Buster Crabbe are the tenth set of newcomers for whom we have predicted stardom in the last ten months.

Our previous Nominees for Stardom have been:

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All eighteen of these newcomers have shown, from the very first, the kind of talent that brings fame and fortune to unknowns. Since we nominated them for stardom, all of them have garnered big rôles in big pictures.

Watch for them in coming pictures — for their names spell good acting. And check up on our prophecy of stardom for Glenda Farrell by seeing “The Match King,” “The Wax Museum” and “Grand Slam,” and for Buster Crabbe by seeing King of the Jungle. More Nominees are on their way! — Editor.

Source: Motion Picture Magazine, February 1933