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February 12, 2022

Motion Picture presents the coming stars — They’ll be your future favorites!

She came to the screen from New York society and the stage — and made the biggest overnight sensation of anyone since Dietrich.

Katharine Hepburn — RKO-Radio

She spells her first name with a second “a,” instead of an “e,” because it is an old family name and its spelling is an old family tradition. And Katharine’s wealthy family is also one of the traditional old families of Eastern society. But the quaint spelling of her name and her background are not the only things that make Katharine Hepburn different. She believes that her particular type of personality should not be seen too often on the screen, and so has insisted on limiting the number of pictures she will make each year to two, an indication of her independence and character.

This will be regretted by the public, we believe, but it shows the analytical mind behind her unusual, piquant beauty. She has light brown hair and gray eyes and is just about twenty-four years old.

She came to the screen after making a hit on Broadway last season as the Amazon Warrior in the comedy The Warrior’s Husband. Her first picture was “A Bill of Divorcement,” in which she played the daughter of John Barrymore and Billie Burke. She stole the picture. Katharine Hepburn, however, didn’t know it. She had dashed off to Europe.

We Believe in Her

  • Because she is the true type of 1933 star, according to the story in this issue — young, talented, experienced and possessed of flashing personality.
  • Because she is an heiress and acts because she loves to, not from necessity.
  • Because she is one of the most graceful women ever seen on the screen.
  • Because she has had stage training, and is a college graduate (Bryn Mawr) besides.
  • Because she is an original, not “like” anyone else now on the screen.

    Series Number 8

    Katharine Hepburn and Lyle Talbot, in becoming the eighth pair of newcomers to be Nominated for Stardom by Motion Picture join a small, select company of new players who are doing big things on the screen.

    Our previous Nominees for Stardom have been:

    Gwili Andre
    Tala Birell
    Ann Dvorak
    Aline MacMahon
    Lyda Roberti
    Gloria Stuart
    Dorothy Wilson
    George Brent
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    Robert Young

    From the start of their screen careers, these young actors and actresses have shown talent — the kind of talent that makes stars of unknowns. And all of them are listed for big rôles in big pictures. When you see their names billed for a picture, you may be sure you will see good acting.

    Watch for their pictures — and check up on our prophecy of stardom for Katharine Hepburn by seeing “A Bill of Divorcement” and for Lyle Talbot by seeing 20,000 Years in Sing Sing. There are more Nominees coming. — Editor.

    Source: Motion Picture Magazine, December 1932