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February 12, 2022

Motion Picture presents the coming stars — They’ll be your future favorites! 

He’s an orphan who grew up to be an actor, as his parents planned. In ten pictures, he has proved he can play almost any type of rôle.

Lyle Talbot — Warners-First National

Before he was born, twenty-eight years ago, it was settled that Lyle should be an actor — and it looks as | if his family had the right idea. His parents, both on the stage, died when he was in his teens and Lyle was adopted by his grandmother; his legal name became Lyle Hollywood. But Lyle knew that no one would believe it, so he later changed it to “Talbot.” It’s a name you are going to hear often in the future. In only a few months, he has made ten pictures — each one increasing the importance of his parts. Lyle is one-half inch short of being six feet tall, and has brown hair and blue eyes. He started his stage career as a magician, which, perhaps, explains many things. He got his chance in the movies by doing an unusual thing when he tried his screen test.

In taking the test, he elected to play a scene from the latest play he had appeared in — a play that burlesqued movie studios. The play was “Louder, Please,” written by a former Warner publicity man. In this scene, a publicity director calls up “J. W.,” the initials of Jack Warner. Lyle called up “J. W.” — and won a five-year contract. Which was some coincidence.

We Believe in Him

  • Because he has already been “borrowed” by other studios, who are all watching each other sidewise these days for big discoveries
  • Because he has already won the praise of critics in such widely diverse rôles as character man, juvenile and leading man.
  • Because he won a name for himself in the obscure Little Theatre field.
  • Because he has shown the ability to “steal” pictures.
  • Because the screen needs more men players who are both good-looking and good actors — like Lyle Talbot.

Series Number 8

Katharine Hepburn and Lyle Talbot, in becoming the eighth pair of newcomers to be Nominated for Stardom by Motion Picture join a small, select company of new players who are doing big things on the screen.

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From the start of their screen careers, these young actors and actresses have shown talent — the kind of talent that makes stars of unknowns. And all of them are listed for big rôles in big pictures. When you see their names billed for a picture, you may be sure you will see good acting.

Watch for their pictures — and check up on our prophecy of stardom for Katharine Hepburn by seeing “A Bill of Divorcement” and for Lyle Talbot by seeing 20,000 Years in Sing Sing. There are more Nominees coming. — Editor.

Source: Motion Picture Magazine, December 1932