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Mitchell Lewis (Who’s Who at MGM, 1937) |

January 09, 2022

Mitchell Lewis spent his childhood backstage and grew up with the theatre in his blood. His favorite childhood memory is of watching his father act, and he never had any other ambition than to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Born in Syracuse, New York, on June 26, Mitchell attended grade school and high school in his home town. He excelled in history and literature, but had little time for any other activities, for even at that time he was acting professionally.

His father, Manuel Lewis, was a matinee idol of his day and he taught the son. Mitchell was an avid student, quick to learn. He appeared with William Faversham in England and, upon his return to the United States, he had leading roles with Nazimova, Holbrook Blinn and Theodore Roberts for many seasons.

Immediate Success

Like so many actors, Mitchell hesitated to leave the stage for motion pictures, but finally accepted an offer to play in “The Barrier.” His success on the screen was immediate and since that time he has appeared in such films as “The Bar Sinister,” “The Sign Invisible,” “Hard-Boiled Haggarty,” “Eagle of the Sea,” “Frivolous Sal,” Tenderloin, “Way of the Heavy,” Madame X, “The Leatherneck,” “Linda,” The Black Watch, “One Stolen Night,” “Girl of the Port,” “The Death Ship,” “Ann Vickers,” “Count of Monte Cristo,” A Tale of Two Cities“Espionage,” Conquest, “Big City,” and Bad Man of Brimstone.

Enjoys All Sports

Lewis enjoys all outdoor sports, especially hunting and fishing. Between pictures he goes on solitary hunting trips with only his dog for a companion. He regularly attends the wrestling matches and is considered an authority on the mat sport, since he was a good wrestler himself in his youth. He also frequently goes horseback riding. He reads biographies for relaxation, but insists that he cannot read in bed.

He is married to Manette Rejan and, since signing his term contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, makes his home in Hollywood. Mitchell is six feet two inches tall, weighs 180 pounds, and has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

One of Lewis’ proudest boasts is that he appeared in “Burning Daylight” and other stories of Jack London. In silent days he and Hobart Bosworth were the screen’s principal exponents of London adventure stories. He knew the author personally.

Flyer in Politics

Hollywood friends induced him to try his hand at politics several years ago, and on their request he became a candidate for the state assembly on an efficiency ticket. He was defeated. Recently he was asked to try again, but declined, insisting that henceforth he will stay with acting and leave politics to politicians more skilful than himself.

Lewis, despite his desertion of politics, is a keen student of current affairs and national problems, and one of the best informed actors in Hollywood on these subjects.

Lewis is superstitious as are many other veteran stage folk. His pet aversion along this line is a hat on a bed, but he won’t tolerate whistling in his dressing room nor will be look a black cat in the eye.

He is a great flower fancier. Although California wild flowers are favorites, his own garden abounds with roses, tulips and gladiolis.

A sincere man with a large, expressive face, critics say “he looks like an actor should look.”

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