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Della Lind (Who’s Who at MGM, 1937) |

January 09, 2022

Della Lind, blonde Viennese singer, has the reputation of being truly cosmopolitan. She knows the Continental capitals as the average American girl knows the neighborhood in which she lives.

Miss Lind drove racing boats and motor cars, became an expert fencer, and learned to fly at Le Bourget in her spare time between writing numerous fiction stories and articles for European publication. At odd moments she studied art. Already familiar with French, Italian, German, Hungarian and Czechoslovakian, she also learned to speak English.

Mannequin in Vienna

Della was born in Vienna on June 19. Her father was the late Leopold Natzler, actor and director. Her mother was an actress. She was educated in private schools in Vienna and Paris. When her father lost his money after the war. Miss Lind became a mannequin in Vienna. Her voice was so lovely that she went on the stage at fifteen.

She worked in several German pictures and in the stage play, Casanova, in England. Other plays in which she has appeared are Maritza, The Count of Luxemburg, Eva, Pirandello and others. Among her European pictures are “Grass Widower,” “Melody of Love.” “Scotland Yard,” “Student’s Romance,” “Going Gay” and others.

Praised by Royalty

Although she speaks several languages, she had never attempted English until the role in Casanova. She learned the language for that one play and now laughingly admits that although she spoke the lines, she rarely knew what she was saying. Her greatest fright came when she learned that the King and Queen were in the audience. She was terrified by the thought that she might offend them with her manner of speaking English, but the fears were unfounded. After the performance they requested to see her, and personally complimented her on the performance she had given.

Since arriving in Hollywood, she has acquired several pets, among them a spirited wire-haired terrier, answering to the name of Heidi. Two love birds, trained to sit on her shoulder and eat from her hand, form the remainder of her household.

During odd moments away from the studio, Miss Lind follows the arts she studied in Vienna. She has completed several interesting impressionistic sketches of Hollywood. Her Hollywood column is a current feature of one of the leading newspapers in Vienna.

The actress is in constant touch with her native country since her mother and two sisters still reside there, and trade news of the community for items from Hollywood.

Both of her sisters are in the theater, one a comedienne, the other a dramatic actress. Each has met with tremendous success and is acclaimed a reigning favorite of the Viennese stage.

Since her arrival in Hollywood, Miss Lind has sent one print of each portrait she has had taken to her mother, who is keeping them in chronological order in a large album.

Her Perfume a Secret

Her voice is lyric and she plays the piano for her own amusement. She attends the theatre frequently and rides for exercise. Her most difficult problem is to get enough sleep.

Miss Lind is slim and vivacious, with golden hair and brown eyes. She weighs 120 pounds and is five feet six inches tall. She has one secret which she guards jealously. The ingredients that compose her favorite perfume are known to her alone and she acquired the recipe from an old chemist in Vienna.

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