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December 23, 2021

Here’s To Villa!

Wallace Smith has traveled to the far points of the compass and has seen life in every phase which he has translated vividly with pen and brush. The reason why he has been able to transfer so glowingly to the printed page his conceptions of the characters in the M-G-M picture, Viva Villa! is because he has lived through all of its wild, stirring scenes. 

Pancho Villa, himself, the hero and one time dictator of Mexico, as portrayed by our own Wallace Beery. In a role that he himself would have selected as one of those best suited to portray his own inimitable personality as the dictator of the M-G-M stirring motion picture, Viva Villa!

Fierro, the fire eater, as enacted by Leo Carrillo, in which role Leo does his fire-eating ancestor credit. 

Upper Left: Don Philipe, his henchman, as enacted by Donald Cook, with all of the characterization expected of the part.

Pascal, who lives up to his name, as portrayed by Joseph Schildkraut, with all the concealed emotion one might expect from the character. 

Drawings by Wallace Smith

Source: New Movie Magazine, March 1934

Source: New Movie Magazine, April 1934


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