Louise Brooks — A City Gone Wild (1927) 🇺🇸

Louise Brooks — A City Gone Wild (1927) 🇺🇸

November 19, 2021

Miss Louise Brooks, now appearing in “A City Gone Wild” for Famous Players-Lasky Corporation is shown here wearing the “Louise” model of the Arch Preserver Show, named in her honor.

Her Feet must act, too

Can you imagine a great actress hobbling through her part on achy feet?

Without active, youthful feet she cannot possibly have real poise and that delightful freedom of motion that creates charm and “personality.” And yet her shoes must be Dame Fashion’s last word.

Such famous stars as Louise Brooks are turning to


because it helps them attain the full measure of success by keeping their feet active, vigorous and helpful. And also because the shoe’s lovely style and Parisian smartness emphasize the grace of every step.

Source: Photoplay, December 1927