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Victor Schertzinger 1929 |

February 05, 2022

On The Cover — Victor Schertzinger

Victor Schertzinger is one of the outstanding personalities of Hollywood. He was the director of “The Wheel of Life,” “Fashion in Love” and “Nothing but the Truth” and has just finished writing the musical score for “The Love Parade,” a Paramount production.

Mr. Schertzinger in addition to his directorial capacities with Paramount has written a number of original musical hits and his “Marcheta” is still one of the big sellers of the day.

Source: Hollywood Filmograph, June 1929

Victor Schertzinger, famous for his musical compositions, is also a director of note. “Fashions in Love” is his latest production for Paramount. Adolphe Menjou is the star. Under Mr. Schertzinger’s direction, Mr. Menjou sings, talks and plays.

Besides this latest picture, Mr. Schertzinger was director of “The Wheel of Life” and “Nothing But the Truth.”

In company with his wife he left Friday for the Paramount studios in Long Island where he will make a feature.

Source: Hollywood Filmograph, July 1929