Scene Stealers — The Most Dangerous Men in Hollywood (1937) 🇺🇸

Scene Stealers |

February 23, 2022

Filmland’s rogue’s gallery contains many famous faces. When these scene stealers get to work, TaylorGable and Power haven’t a chance. (Watch out for them)

Edward Everett Horton:

American, Height 6 ft., Age 48. Shifty grey eyes; excitable; single; assumes role of neurotic, meddlesome, irresponsible society type. Uses double-talk. Well mannered, soft spoken but particularly dangerous to romantic scenes where the heroine and hero wish to be alone.

Henry Armetta:

Italian-American, Height 5:10, Age 49. Extremely nervous, fidgety, always worried, veteran assassin of the blues. Never tails to throw others into utter confusion and so clever is he that he immediately dominates every scene the moment he enters picture. Married. Children. Dangerous. (At large)

Eric Blore:

English, Height 5:10, Age 49. Usually works as butler or valet to become intimate with associates then ruins serious scenes with his skillful manipulation of laughs. Has gained access to best social circles in Hollywood studios. Frequently seen with the ex-gangster Edward Arnold. (At large)

Charles Ruggles:

American, Height 5:11, Age 48. Grey hair; blue-grey eyes. Frequently plays role of a drunk or a tramp to gain entrance to better pictures then proceeds to steal best scenes by tricks and smart talk. Dangerous in any society. Long record for picture stealing. Last seen at Paramount.

Alan Mowbray:

English war veteran, Height 6 ft., blue eyes, Age 43. Married. Employs wide variety of disguises. Frequently seen as mad inventor or butler. Poker face and assumes dumbness to gain inside information on romantic scenes. Prankster, life of the party type. Extremely dangerous. (At large)

Ben Blue:

American, Height 5:08, Age 36. Former musician and dancer. When vaudeville died took up residence in Hollywood and operates with comedy gang at Paramount. Plays dumb, working men characters. Unexpectedly turns up in comedy-drama and always walks off with scenes. Frequently violent. (At large)

Leo Carrillo:

American, Height 6 ft., Age 45. Descendant of early California family and admitted bandit and badman. Assumes light-hearted, care-free attitude to meet leading stars in pictures and then steals scenes with abandon providing clever alibis when caught. Has terrorized many quiet dramas. (At large)

Herman Bing:

German-American, Height 6 ft., Age 48. Usually seen as excitable, sputtering shopkeeper or cook. Adopts various disguises to get into best pictures then steals scenes feigning ignorance when caught. Recently left Hollywood, but threatens another attack on gloom when he returns. (At large)

Frank McHugh:

Irish-American, Height 5.08, Age 38. Married. Children. Usually seen at race tracks, aboard ships and back stage in theatrical productions where his care-free manner gains him advantages. Best known for stealing serious scenes with untimely appearance in gleeful state. Dangerous. (At large)

Andrew Devine (alias Gravel Throat):

From Arizona, Height 6:01, Age 31. Former lifeguard, football player, radio croaker, golfer and “heavy”. Popular with athletic stars of pictures. Fast worker. Recently known to have stolen Jack Benny radio show and war film, “Road Back.” Dangerous comedy character. (At large)

Hugh Herbert (alias Woo-Woo):

American, Height, 5:08, Age 49. Given entire life to stealing scenes both stage and screen. Usually works as good-natured, paternal, business man. Inventive mind and frequently uses own creations to ruin seriousness of dramatic scenes. One of famous Warner comedy mob. Dangerous.

Dickie Moore:

American, Height 4:03, Age 9. Raised as scene stealer from infancy. Because of extreme youth usually given warm welcome into best pictures then proceeds to steal scenes and hearts of audience employing filmdom’s most beautiful brown eyes with devastating effect. Must be watched. (At large)

Source: Hollywood MagazineOctober 1937