Ned Sparks — How to Act Without Moving a Muscle (1938) 🇺🇸

Ned Sparks |

January 11, 2022

Emotional Ned Sparks took time off from his part in the new Bobby Breen picture, “Hawaii Calls,” to give aspiring actors some hints on how to be a successful actor and still save wear and tear.

Rage. The unbridled fury of a man who has missed a street car by inches.

Passion. For this you took off the hat gallantly and extend the cigar at least two inches from the mouth.

Terror. That involuntary convulsion of the features following a major shock.

Joy. A useful expression for those unexpected callers who arrive just in time for that dinner on the maid’s night out.

Gratification. Employed here by Sparks to express pleasure at being hung with some hand-painted flowers.

Defiance. Should be attempted by advance students only since it involved the use of the eyebrows.

Source: Hollywood, March 1938