Keystone Cops — Back On The Beat Again (1931) 🇺🇸

Keystone Cops — Back On The Beat Again (1931) |

January 11, 2022

Remember the good old Mack Sennett days, when Desk Sergeant Ford Sterling used to receive the riot call and all the cops went piling into the trick Fords in pursuit of the scoundrel who peeked into Marie Prevost’s boudoir?

The cops had a re-union in Hollywood the other day, making a two-reeler, “Stout Hearts and Willing Hands,” for the Hollywood Masquers Club.

(Above, left to right) Roscoe Arbuckle, Bobby Vernon, Ford Sterling, Chester Conklin, Clyde Cook, Mack Swain, Jimmy Finlayson and (reclining) Hank Mann participated. Below, the boys concentrating. Left to right, Messrs. Finlayson, Conklin, Swain, Cook, Sterling, Vernon and Mann.

Photo above courtesy Motion Picture Herald

Collection: New Movie Magazine, August 1931


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