Johnny Weissmuller — Tarzan Escapes (1935) 🇺🇸

Johnny Weissmuller |

November 28, 2021

We don’t expect you to bother to go beyond this page! For sheer physical beauty and panther-like grace, this picture of Johnny can’t be trumped. He looks like the statue of an Indian brave come to life... oh, well, you get the idea! We could go on like this for hours! Suffice to say that Tarzan returns and that M-G-M has saved itself the wrath of thousands by letting Johnny handle the further exploits of the screen character he originated. Maureen O’Sullivan, all dressed up in some smart new animal skins, is Johnny’s jungle girl friend again. Need we add that you’ll have a swell time at “Tarzan Escapes”?

Source: Modern Screen, January 1936