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Bruce Cabot (Who’s Who at MGM, 1937) |

January 08, 2022

Bruce Cabot has chased the rainbow of adventure over two continents, to find the pot of gold at its end as a Hollywood motion picture actor.

Cabot was born in Carlsbad, New Mexico, on April 20, as Jacques de Bujac. He comes from a socially prominent and distinguished family. His grandfather was French ambassador to the United Slates, and one of his uncles is Herman Harjes, of the Morgan-Harjes Bank in Paris.

Cabot received his first schooling in New York. Then he returned to his home and attended the New Mexico Military Academy. Always a victim of wanderlust, he went far afield for his college education. For one year he attended the University of the South, at Sewanee, Tennessee, and then he went abroad and studied history and languages at the University of Tours, in France.

Cowpuncher in West

After vagabonding through Europe, Cabot came back to the United States and knocked about at various jobs. He scrubbed decks as a seaman on a freighting steamer, worked in the Western oil fields, punched cows or, a cattle ranch, and acted as sparring partner for a second-rate boxer.

His first acting experience came when he spent three months in stock at the Goodman Theatre, in Chicago. The lure of adventure took him to Hollywood, where he got a job appearing opposite film-ambitious beauties in screen tests. As a result of these tests, he was placed under contract as a featured player.

He made his debut as the heavy in “Roadhouse Murder.” Since then he has appeared in “Lucky Devils,” King Kong, “The Great Jasper,” “Flying Devils,” “The Glory Command,” “Ann Vickers,” “Midshipman Jack,” “Shadows of Sing Sing,” “His Greatest Gamble,” “Murder on the Blackboard,” “Redhead,” “Men of the Night,” “Without Children,” “Let ‘Em Have It,” “Finishing School,” “Show Them No Mercy,” “Robin Hood of El Dorado,” “Fury,” “Three Wise Guys,” The Last of the Mohicans, “Sinner Take All” and Bad Man of Brimstone.

Hopes to be a Star

He is very much in earnest about his screen work, and his ambition is to attain the stardom that seems not far distant. If he were not an actor he would try his hand at the brokerage business.

Cabot is six feet one and a half inches tall, and weighs 180 pounds. His eyes are grey, and his hair is dark brown. An athlete in reality, as well as in appearance, he is an expert boxer, a strong swimmer, a fine tennis player and golfer. Football is one of his hobbies and he never misses a big game on the coast if he can help it.

He lists Hemingway, Oscar Wilde and P. G. Wodehouse as his favorite authors, and admits a deep interest in philosophy.

His favorite hobby is his high-powered automobile. He spends most of his leisure time tinkering with the machine and, when time permits, takes his pet to Muroc Dry Lake for a spin at 120 miles per hour. He also enjoys dancing and the theatre.

Breeds Police Dogs

Bruce recently became interested in the breeding and raising of police dogs, and is considering buying a ranch where he can devote himself to developing blue-ribbon winners.

He was married to Adrienne Ames in 1933, but they later separated.

Bruce is a member of the Mayfair Club of New York and also belongs to the famous Lakeside Golf Club, where many of Hollywood’s film stars play golf. His only business adventure since becoming a motion picture actor was to try his hand at running a night club. The venture failed and Bruce decided that acting is his forte.

Bruce Cabot (Who’s Who at MGM, 1937) |

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