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Al Jennings — The Man Who Came Back (1918) |

April 12, 2023

His name is Al Jennings, and the famous story of his struggles against society, as a train and bank robber, is now to be told on the screen.

by Hugo Vardman Battle

Twenty years ago he was living the life of an outlaw, hunting — and hunted. For he and the other members of his band, "The Long Riders," as they were known through the Indian Territory and the adjoining country, having a score of the most audacious and daring robberies to their credit — or discredit — were being sought by every county sheriff and government marshal within that vast region.

Little by little the net tightened, and at last Al Jennings, the most famous outlaw since Jesse James, was caught and sentenced to life imprisonment.

How he won the friendship of Mark Hanna and was pardoned by President McKinley and his fight to get back and regain his standing as a lawyer, the profession for which he had been trained before he turned against society, all that has been told.

But now comes the announcement that the dramatic events of his life are to be recorded for the screen — not to idealize the life of the outlaw — for when Jennings "came back" he determined to make up for his mistakes. In fact, according to his history, his start in that outcast profession was not for any love of crime, but through an attempt to avenge the murder of his brother.

And so the Al Jennings pictures will show, it is said, the privations and hardships of the outlaw. It is also promised that they will be faithful in every detail. They certainly should be, for Al Jennings did not, like some famous portrayers of Western types, step from Shakespeare or musical comedy into the sombrero and .45 Colt stuff. He knows!

Collection: Picture Play Magazine, October 1918