Night Plane from Chungking (1943) DRAFT


1943 Movie: Night Plane from Chungking |

Directed by: Ralph Murphy |

Starring: Robert PrestonEllen DrewOtto KrugerSteven GerayTamara Geva, Soo Yong (楊喜)Victor Sen YungErnst DeutschAllen JungRalph MurphyJohn BleiferLuke ChanAngelo CruzLee Tong FooLorin RakerLeonard Strong |

Other Cast: Theodor Sparkuhl (Cinematography) |

Origin: Australia |

First Release Vintage Poster, Folded, in Good condition |

Poster Size: Australian Daybill (13" x 30") (Trimmed to 12 3/4" x 28 1/2") |

Artist: Richardson Studio |

Poster Condition: The blank borders of the poster have been trimmed off, including the Richardson Studio credit written below the bottom left of the art. It has two extra horizontal folds above and below the regular top one, and one extra fold below the regular bottom two, with one less extra fold between the top and middle crossfolds.

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