Thunder in the East

1952 Drama: Thunder in the East ('Tempestad en Oriente'). Directed by Charles Vidor. Starring: Alan Ladd, Deborah Kerr, Charles Boyer, Corinne Calvet.

Poster Origin: Spain

First Release Vintage Poster, Folded, in Good condition.

Poster size: 27" x 39" (Spanish 1-Sheet), Poster designed by: Gon Solis

Poster condition details: The poster has some spotty discoloration scattered in some areas from exposure to moisture. It has several pinholes and a few creases and tiny tears along portions of some edges and most are repaired with tape from the back. There is separation at the top crossfold, and someone performed some amateur restoration to that area, as well as some torn pinholes along portions of the upper edge.

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