ORIGINAL VINTAGE POSTER: Poster featuring the 1944 Screwy Squirrel cartoon "Happy-Go-Nutty", directed by Tex Avery.

FOR CARTOON LOVERS: The title of the cartoon is based on the expressions happy-go-lucky, meaning cheerfully and unconcerned about the future. Then again, this screwy squirrel is as nutty as it gets.

SIZE: US 1-Sheet (27" x 41") size poster in very good condition. Perfect size for any living or bedroom.

VERY GOOD CONDITION: Half of the top blank border was folded back at one time. There are pinholes and smudges around the edges. There was separation in the middle 2" of the top horizontal fold, and tape was put on the back of that area. Smaller pieces of tape were applied to the back of the other two crossfolds. There are a few creases on the folds and just a few tiny pinholes scattered in the image.

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