Females Is Fickle


ORIGINAL PRINT: This poster original print poster is for the 1940 classic black-and-white cartoon Popeye: Females Is Fickle.

ICONIC POPEYE COMIC CHARACTER: Featuring Popeye being chased by a giant shark. Printed in distinguishable green tone this poster is a great gift for anime, comic and cartoon enthusiasts.

PERFECT SIZE FOR ANY ROOM: US 1-Sheet (27" x 41") size poster in fine condition, linen-backed.

RARE ONE SHEET POSTER: Poster has had touchups to the folds, mild edge wear in the right border, pinholes and enlarged pinholes in the borders and background, and a centre crossfold chip in the shark's image.

WORLD-WIDE SHIPPING, in sturdy packaging. We offer a 30-day return warranty in case you are not satisfied with our poster.