1938 US SPORTS DRAMA: Stablemates is an American sports drama directed by Sam Wood. The movie stars Wallace Beery and Mickey Rooney.

VISUALLY IMPACTFUL: Poster shows drawing of main actors Wallace Beery and Mickey Rooney on a sky-blue backdrop.

SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S ITEM OF HISTORIC VALUE: Poster size is 30" x 40". In the 1930s, the US National Screen Service offered 30" x 40" posters for almost every movie, but VERY few theatrrs ordered them (surely because they cost many times what a one-sheet cost, due to the heavier paper). We have seen in pressbooks where a one-sheet was ten cents and a 30" x 40" was US$1.50. Thus barely any theatre ordered them at all! Very few 30" x 40" movie posters of mid 1940s are available today and as this one dates back to the 30s. It is therefore one of a handful 30" x 40" original print movie posters from the 30s that still exist.

VERY GOOD CONDITION: This folded poster has a 2" tear in the left border with two smaller tears above and below it. It has a few smudges and stains around the edges. Otherwise this poster is in very good condition.

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