1937 Comedy: Exiled to Shanghai |

Directed by Nick Grinde, Armand Schaefer |

Starring: Wallace Ford, June Travis, Dean Jagger, William Bakewell, Arthur Lake, William Harrigan, Sarah Padden, Syd Saylor, Charles Trowbridge, Maurice Cass, Lee Shumway, Fred “Snowflake” Toones |

Poster Origin: USA |

First Release Vintage Poster, Folded, in Good condition |

Poster Size: 27" x 41" (US 1-Sheet) |

Poster Condition Details: The poster has many creases throughout. It has pinholes around the edges, fold and border wear and some separation in portions of some crossfolds. There are several white pieces of tape on the back and a few small pieces of white tape on front of the corners.

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