Strictly Dishonorable


1931 PRE-CODE ROMANTIC COMEDY: "Strictly Dishonorable" is a romantic comedy film directed by John M. Stahl. The movie stars Paul Lukas, Sidney Fox and Lewis Stone, George Meeker, and Sidney Toler. Script by Preston Sturges.

HISTORIC POSTER & CLASSIC DESIGN: This first release original vintage print shows Paul Lukas, wearing a tuxedo, carrying Sidney Fox (wearing a ball gown).

POSTER SIZE: US Halfsheet: 22" x 28" in fair condition.

COLLECTOR'S ITEM: The poster has stains and smudges around the edges with some surface paper loss in the centre of the bottom border where a piece of tape was removed. There are a few water stains and other stains scattered in the image. However, most of the staining and defects are not in the poster's main image or title.

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