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Screen Land announcing Silver Screen

Ruth Waterbury, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr., and much more

We can't tell it all in the headlines but we herewith announce what we believe to be a big publishing idea of interest to every Screenland Reader.

Screenland is going to have a companion magazine. It's called Silver Screen and its first appearance will be on October tenth. It will be out on the tenth of every month thereafter and will sell for ten cents, the first ten cent motion picture magazine to be sold on the newsstands throughout America. And it is Screenland's phenomenal growth that has made the publishing of Silver Screen possible.

Screenland is now established as "America's Smart Screen Magazine." Silver Screen will be its snappy little sister. A quick flash of the contents of the first issue will give you a picture of what it will be like.

Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr., in the first issue, discusses Hollywood Society. Many social upstarts have written about Hollywood parties but here's the real answer from the scion of New York's most aristocratic family.

Charlie Chaplin talks about why he won't talk on the screen — and his reasons will cause much thought in movieland.

Buddy Rogers goes into a long discussion about his ideal girl. This is Buddy's ideal — not his mother's or some writer's, but Buddy's own description. And who's the lucky girl who will be just like her?

There's the life story of Claire Luce, one of the most amazing Cinderella stories of all time, and one that could only come true in America.

There are interviews with Claudette Colbert, with Jackie Coogan, with Robert Montgomery, with Stanley Smith. There are snappy previews, current reviews and fashions from Hollywood. There is a beauty page by the famous beauty advisor, Mary Lee. There are beautiful new portrait studies of your favorite stars, much hot news and gossip, more gossip and finally a true love story of Hollywood. There will be one of these true love stories every month, written by the Hollywood Insider, and if you're smart you'll be able to identify the stars he is writing about.

Frankly, we believe it's the biggest ten cents worth ever offered the reading public. Buy the first issue and see for yourself.

Silver Screen will be edited by Ruth Waterbury, former star writer on Photoplay Magazine and Smart Set and we expect her following of hundreds of thousands will become part of Screenland's and Silver Screen's eventual circulation of a million readers.

Screenland on the first of the month and Silver Screen on the tenth, a combination of screen magazines that completely dominates the motion picture publication field.


Collection: Screenland Magazine, November 1930