The New Movie Magazine

July 1932
I Was Never So Embarrassed
The Girl I Wanted (as told by Charlie Chaplin)
Unlucky at Love but Lupe is Lucky at Life by Virginia Maxwell
Two Cats of Hollywood by Joan Tracy
How I Met Charles Farrell by Elissa Landi
Our Hollywood Kindergarten
The Secrets of the Stars by Hester Robinson
Edgar Wallace's Hollywood Diary by Edgar Wallace
The Story of Anna May Wong — Between Two Worlds by Herb Howe
The Tragedy of Ricardo Cortez — The Star with the Broken Heart by Adela Rogers St. Johns
Why We Scold the Movies by George Ade
Gable of the Seven Faces by Frederick L. Collins
Adrienne Dore Chooses Clothes for Playtime
Chatterton, the Charmer by Elsie Janis
Chatterton, the Fighter by Jim Tully
Togo's Scream Play by Wallace Irwin
High-Hatting the King's English by E. Haldeman-Julius
Hollywood on Parade
Bachelor Quarters — The Home of William Haines
Cook-Coo Gossip by Ted Cook
The Bandwagon
The Boulevardier Defends Garbo by Herb Howe
Radio Rambles
Forthcoming Films
Music of the Sound Screen
Accessories for Summer
Play and Then Rest for Beauty
Baked Beans a la Oliver
Our Colonial House
Hollywood Entertains
Box Office Critics



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George Ade
Frederick L. Collins
Ted Cook
E. Haldeman-Julius
Herb Howe
Wallace Irwin
Elsie Janis
Jim Tully
Virginia Maxwell
Joan Tracy
Hester Robinson
Adela Rogers St. Johns