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The World of Suzie Wong |

November 27, 2021

Ray Stark’s Paramount release has had a thundering entertainment impact wherever it has had presentation. We show here some (just a few) of these ‘impacts’ as ‘trailers’ for many more to follow as ’’The World of Suzie Wong” progresses seductively, sinuously — and successfully — around the globe.

PARIS — Gala premiere of “The World of Suzie Wong” at the George V. Cinema brought out the Garde Republicaine.

The world was certainly Suzie Wong’s in Paris when the saga of Hong Kong’s seductiveness was the compelling attraction at the Paramount Theatre there. The celebrated cinema never had it so good, showmanship-wise, as the day when “The World of Suzie Wong” moved in, bag and baggage, and the box office got ready with sacks for the francs.

HELSINKI, Finland — Front of the consistently successful and progressive Alona Theatre during the engagement of “The World of Suzie Wong.”

TOKYO — Facing one of this capital’s main railroad stations was this Trade Mark-topped sign for “The World of Suzie Wong.”

ROME — Shot at dusk of the front of the Barberini Theatre during the highly successful run of “The World of Suzie Wong.”

BRUSSELS — The Ray Stark production bore the title of “The Little World of Suzie Wong” when it has its very successful release here at the celebrated Eldorado Cinema (at right).

Source: Paramount World, April 1961


Part of our series on The World of Suzie Wong (Nancy Kwan (關家蒨)).