Her Jungle Love (1938)

February 16, 2022

... Mysterious White Goddess Of The Jungle Bares Her Heart!

Paramount presents the first jungle picture ever filmed in Technicolor.

At the altar of the Crocodile God, while the drums of voodoo sound the terrible tocsin of jungle hate, she stands, thrilling, beautiful Tura, high priestess of a cult so strange, so weird, no white man has ever lived to describe its awesome rites. At her feet, shackled, helpless in the iron grasp of voodoo-maddened tribesmen, is the young aviator who has taught her the meaning of a white man’s love. Behind her, sinister, threatening, the all-powerful ruler of the Malayan wilds, Kuasa, gives the dread command... Will she obey — will she send this man who loves her to a hideous death in the crocodile pit — or is her love great enough to withstand the fury of jungle hate?

Source: Hollywood Magazine, May 1938

And what a story this is, the drama of the mysterious girl of the Malayan wilds and the young English aviator who invades her jungle realm, falling like a meteor from the tropic skies. You will thrill to the first words of their love, spoken to the whispering melodies of

The Plane Crash In The Jungle

... The most thrilling action-picture ever filmed in Technicolor.

the wind through tropic palms beneath the jungle moon. You will thrill to the dangers into which this love hurls them... dangers which defy the telling, dangers which must be seen in all the radiant excitement of this great natural color film to appreciate their amazing, thundering, emotional power. The mighty jungle typhoon... the amazing charge of the crocodile legion... the great earthquake... scenes like these mark the dawn of a new epoch in the history of moving picture adventure-drama, adventure-romance.

Hear Dorothy Lamour, golden voice of the networks, sing “Lovelight In the Starlight” and “Coffee and Kisses”.

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Source: Hollywood Magazine, May 1938

Source: Silverscreen Magazine, August 1938