Do you Want to Learn How to Design Movie Posters? 🇺🇸

May 27, 2021

Most of our readers are avid poster collectors, but maybe some of you are interested in actually designing movie posters. Our friends at can help you out. Poster Grind is run by a group of art directors. Poster Grind’s mission is to prepare ambitious creative talents for a career in the creative and marketing industry by equipping them with the practical skills needed to design great posters. Their instructors and graduates have worked with major Hollywood studios and leading content creators such as Marvel, Netflix or Paramount. Tutorials offered cover everything from typography, Poster Design 101, Movie/TV title logo design, illustrations and so on. If this sounds interesting to you, sign up to their waiting list here.

If you'd rather get started right away, check out the Poster Grind Youtube channel. On this channel Poster Grind’s Andy Storey shares some of the techniques that he has used throughout his career as a TV and movie poster designer to create impactful visual experiences. Some of our favourites are:

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to create a drip effect: 


In another video Andy shares which nine skills aspiring artists and designers need to master to get their foot in the door and to launch their career in movie poster design.